EnergyNet’s sponsors are our partners and at the heart of all that we do


EnergyNet’s sponsors are at the heart of all that we do. Below you will find some of our highest profile sponsors to date. Their presence has been consistent, constructive, and invaluable in promoting the development of Africa’s power sector and we would like to thank them for their on-going support.

Partnering with EnergyNet offers your business a relevant platform to engage investors, governments and senior stakeholders in the power project value chain, to develop credible relationships with proven decision makers and to manoeuvre your organisation in to a position which will save you time and money. We have operated successfully in Africa’s power sector for over 19yrs and have built a reputation among decision makers that can directly support your business aspirations. Most recently we were recognised by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ii and British Prime Minister David Cameron or services to international trade.

Clearly brand visibility is important and plays a key role in building the awareness of your business, but what really resonates with our audience is the importance of the discussions that are had, and deals that are made, as result of the relationships formed. We facilitate innovation and collaboration and invite your business to join us in creating and developing vital power projects.

Whether you want to align yourself with Governments supporting the ‘EnergyNet Student Engagement Initiative’, be seen as a market leader hosting exclusive functions or influence the agenda through thought leadership, we can offer a strategic and commercial opportunities designed to deliver real value to your business. And if your business carries specific needs, we’re able to construct tailored packages to meet those ambitions within the markets you operate.

La Asociación Nacional de Empresas Generadoras –ANDEG, creada en noviembre de 2010, es un organismo privado sin ánimo de lucro, en la cual se congregan 13 empresas generadoras de energía eléctrica ubicadas en Colombia.

Dentro de ANDEG se encuentran empresas de servicios públicos domiciliarios de régimen privado y público, las cuales representan 3.191 MW de capacidad efectiva de generación correspondiente al 24% del total nacional. Adicionalmente, estas empresa tienen una energía firme de 22.962 GWh-Año para entregar al sistema, lo cual corresponde al 35% del total a ser demandado en el año 2011.Las empresas representadas producen energía a partir de agua, gas natural, carbón y biomasa, es decir energía de fuentes convencionales y renovables.


Asociación Nacional de Empresas Generadoras –ANDEG, created in November 2010, is a private non-profit organization, in which 13 electricity generating companies located in Colombia congregate.

Within ANDEG are public and private public service companies, which represent 3,191 MW of effective generation capacity corresponding to 24% of the national total. In addition, these companies have a firm energy of 22,962 GWh-Year to deliver to the system, which corresponds to 35% of the total to be demanded in 2011. The companies represented produce energy from water, natural gas, coal and biomass , which means, energy from conventional and renewable sources.

ANDRITZ HYDRO is a global supplier of electro-mechanical systems and services ("Water to Wire") for hydropower plants. The company is a leader in the world market for hydraulic power generation. Long lasting experience of fulfilment of customer demand makes ANDRITZ HYDRO the know-how specialist.

Ansaldo Energia Group is a global player in the power generation market and one of the world largest supplier, installer and service provider for power generation plants and components. It is a full-cycle, integrated operator, with the capabilities to build turnkey power plants on green field sites using its own technology and its own independent design, production, construction, commissioning and service resources. 
Founded in Genoa in 1853, Ansaldo is structured around its core business activities of plants, components (gas turbines, steam turbines and generators), service work and nuclear activities (through subsidiary company Ansaldo Nucleare). Ansaldo Energia is also active in Distributed Generation with Ansaldo Turbec micro gas turbines.
The breadth of its references, the quality, flexibility and efficiency of its products and 
most importantly, the commitment, experience and professionalism of its people have
made Ansaldo Energia a world-leading company with an enviable international reputation.
Ansaldo Energia Group currently employs about 3,700 people and has an installed
capacity of about 190,000 in more than 90 countries.
La Asociación de Empresas de Energías Renovables -APPA Renovables- agrupa a más de trescientas empresas que operan en el sector de las energías renovables. 
APPA Renovables, creada en 1987, es la única asociación del sector de ámbito estatal y en ella están representados socios de todas las comunidades autónomas. APPA Renovables la conforman sociedades de los sectores de los biocarburantes, biomasa, eólico, fotovoltáico, geotérmica de alta entalpía y geotérmica de baja entalpía, hidráulico, marino, minieólico y solar termoeléctrico.
APPA pretende contribuir a crear las condiciones favorables al desarrollo de las energías con fuentes renovables.
The Association of Renewable Energy Companies brings together more than three hundred companies operating in the renewable energy sector.
APPA Renovables, created in 1987, is the only association of the sector at the state level and it represents partners from all the autonomous communities. APPA Renovables is formed by companies of sectors such as biofuels, biomass, wind, photovoltaic, high enthalpy geothermal and low enthalpy geothermal, hydraulic, marine, mini-solar and thermoelectric geothermal.
APPA aims to contribute in the creation of favourable conditions for the development of renewable energies.

A global leader in fast-track turnkey power solutions, APR Energy’s mission is to solve its customers’ interim and dedicated power needs, anywhere in the world. We leverage state-of-the art mobile technology and industry-leading expertise to provide utility and industrial customers with cost-effective turnkey plants that are mobile, customisable, and scalable. By supplying customers with reliable power when and where they need it, we keep businesses and communities running. With a global network of regional hubs, proven fast-track deployment and installation processes, readily available access to inventory, and proprietary modular plant designs, we can have a plant deployed and running within days or weeks—often within 30 days or less.

Àrgentil is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria to act as Financial Adviser and Portfolio Manager, with a significant number of years of experience in Advisory, Principal Investing and Private Equity investments in energy and infrastructure spanning across various markets in Africa, Europe and North America. 
Àrgentil has served as Financial Adviser and/or Lead Arranger on projects valued in excess of US$5bn including:
Divestment of IOC assets in Nigeria to an indigenous oil and gas company - US$1.8bn;
Acquisition financing of two hydropower plants in Nigeria - US$170m;
US$20m farm-out of two oil blocks in Chad;
Cross border reverse takeover of an E & P company and subsequent US$106m listing on the Toronto Exchange. 
Àrgentil’s existing fund management and principal investment activities include:
Managing US$3m mezzanine SME fund which has returned c.45% since inception in Q3 2012.
Incubating a hybrid power solutions provider for Sub-Saharan Africa in partnership with Canadian JV Partner.
Co-sponsoring the development of a 160MW integrated natural gas-powered generation and transmission project in Sierra Leone.
The Brazil Ethanol Cluster – APLA in association with Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency – APEX, through the project Brazil Sugarcane Bioenergy Solution, has companies and institutions that can offer complete solutions made by Brazilian technology to the worldwide sugarcane industry, our associates companies can offer engineering, industrial equipment, industrial machinery, agriculture equipment and helpful services. All solutions to improve the sugarcane process products.  

Arup Energy is a global firm of designers, engineers and business consultants we provide a diverse range of professional services to clients around the world and work across the whole energy supply chain, from supply demand and generation to demand consumption, including the connecting infrastructure. We have a reputation for delivering innovative solutions which address the global challenges of climate change and natural resource depletion. Our strength lies in taking a whole-systems approach to resource management for the benefit of industry, the environment, and society.

For over 30 years Arup has been active in the feasibility assessment, development, design, construction, commissioning, sale and acquisition of power generation and related infrastructure projects throughout the world. Over the last 15 years, Arup has developed a proven track record as leaders in the development of Renewable Energy Technology (RET) projects, including: hydro, solar, wind and bio-energy. Through the extensive capability of our integrated, multidisciplinary teams, the firm has provided engineering design, business and power consulting services on more than 100GW of power plant projects in over 20 countries.

Ashurst is a leading international law firm, providing incisive advice to some of the regions’ leading resources, energy and infrastructure developers, as well as financial institutions and funds. Ashurst’s core areas of focus in Africa include oil and gas; resources and mining; infrastructure/PPP and power and renewables projects. Most notably, Ashurst’s recent work has resulted in the firm advising on phases II and III of the Noor CSP IPP in Ouarzazate, Morocco, recently awarded the Asian-Mena Counsel's 2015 Deal of the Year, and the IFC and the Government of Uganda on the Kampala-Jinja Expressway PPP, the country's first road PPP project. 


The Chilean Association of Solar Energy AG, ACESOL, is today the only Gremial Association that brings together all interested publics and companies in promoting the development of solar energy in Chile, in order to represent them, keep them informed and collaborate in the positioning of This energy of which we have tremendous potential. We aspire to make solar energy the main source of primary energy in Chile. We promote the massive use of Solar Energy, supporting a diversified and clean matrix. We promote the advantages of using solar energy in all areas of the economy.
We keep up-to-date information on progress in the area of research and development; We support the projects that aim at this area. We help create citizen awareness about the advantage of taking advantage of the great solar potential that our country has.
We contribute to the development of standards, procedures and requirements for the quality of products, systems and activities of the industry, under the best international standards. We encourage the development of good practice manuals for the design, installation and use of solar systems.
We encourage and support competent institutions to carry out training and improvement courses for technicians and professionals who work in this area. We coordinate to generate incentives that contribute to improve the quality of life of the sectors of scarce resources through Solar Energy.
We work with the authorities to generate adequate policies (such as netmetering, impulse of distributed generation, compulsory solar installations in social housing and financing systems) to contribute to the mass use of solar energy. Also, that aim to eliminate the barriers of access and tenders and projects.
La ASOCIACIÓN COLOMBIANA DE ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES - ACER fue fundada el 14 de Octubre del año 2011, es una asociación sin ánimo de lucro que fomenta el desarrollo y aprovechamiento de las energías renovables persiguiendo fines técnicos, académicos, científicos, culturales y sociales, participando en proyectos de interés público. 
Nuestros principales objetivos son establecer y reforzar las relaciones de colaboración entre los miembros de la comunidad de las energías renovables nacional e internacional, incluyendo lo relacionado con los aspectos académico, científico, industrial y tecnológico, sirviendo de conducto para el flujo de la información de las energías renovables, facilitando la diseminación de documentos, la colección de información y el intercambio de experiencias y conocimientos, organizando así eventos y produciendo materiales para la difusión y promoción de las actividades de investigación, desarrollo y explotación de la energías renovable realizados en Colombia o en el exterior. Entre estas actividades se encuentran: la organización de congresos, seminarios, cursos, conferencias, edición de materiales impresos, etcétera.
Adicionalmente llevamos el conocimiento de los niveles directivos del país (gubernamentales, políticos, académicos, industriales, de servicios, etcétera) y de la opinión pública las ventajas que el aprovechamiento de las energías renovables representa para Colombia, promoviendo la normalización y políticas públicas del uso de las energías renovables, canalizando los recursos nacionales e internacionales disponibles para la investigación y desarrollo de las energías renovables en Colombia.
As Coordinator of the Association, I would tell you briefly about the role of this body and of course to share with you the benefits of AME offers its members. Mr. Jaime de la Rosa, who is the president of this association, access to important international forums on issues of power generation in order to keep abreast of advances in technology development and that can bring benefits to member companies. Similarly, and in order to keep informed and updated to our members, we extend the early hours of the synthesis of the most relevant news topic that interests us, and invitations to participate in lectures, seminars, conferences. We met continuously in session, to address any matter that is of importance to you and affecting our industry or activity. Similarly maintain continuous contact with the authorities in the energy of our country and government authorities in other fields, always positioning and supporting member companies. It should be stressed that our investment in the country accounts for 25% of total generation projects through external energy producer. We continue to work towards a Law to Promote Renewable Energy that encourages investment in our businesses cohesion is important for members of the industry to the benefit of our companies and the country, so I urge you to join our association and accessing the benefits it brings. We are delighted that you may be interested in participating in our Association, overall you comment a bit of our organization, but if they wish, we can make an appointment and go visit with pleasure to talk more extensively about the AME 

Como Coordinadora de la asociación, digo brevemente sobre el papel de este organismo y por supuesto a compartir con usted los beneficios que AME ofrece a sus miembros. Sr. Ingeniero Jaime de la Rosa, que es el Presidente de esta asociación, accede a importantes foros internacionales sobre temas de generación de energía con el fin de mantenerse al tanto de avances en el desarrollo de la tecnología y que puede aportar beneficios a las empresas. Asimismo y en orden de mantener informados y actualizados a nuestros miembros, extender las horas tempranas de la síntesis del tema de noticias más relevante que nos acontece e invitaciones a participar en conferencias, seminarios.Nos encontramos continuamente en período de sesiones, para tratar cualquier asunto de importancia para usted y que afectan a nuestro sector o actividad. Del mismo modo mantener contacto continuo con las autoridades de la energía de nuestro país y las autoridades gubernamentales en otros campos, siempre buscando el posicionamiento y apoyar a las empresas miembro. Debe destacarse que la inversión en el país representa el 25% de los proyectos de generación total a través de productor externo de energía. Seguimos trabajando hacia una ley para promover las energías renovables que aliente la inversión en nuestros negocios. La cohesión es importante para los miembros de la industria en beneficio de nuestras empresas y el país, por lo que le insto a unirse a nuestra asociación y acceder a los beneficios que aporta. Estamos encantados de que quizás estés interesado en participar en nuestra asociación, en general comentar un poco de nuestra organización, pero si lo desean, podemos hacer una cita e ir a visitar con mucho gusto para hablar más ampliamente del desempeño de AME.


The Association of Power Utilities of Africa (APUA), formerly named Union of Producers, Transporters and Distributors of Electric Power in Africa (UPDEA), was created in 1970 with its headquarters in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. Currently, APUA is going through a transformation to become an association that brings value to its members. One of the pillars of the APUA transformation is the project, with financial support from the French Development Agency and the African Development Bank, aimed at creation of the African Network of Centers of Excellence for the Development of Skills and Governance in Electricity.

The mission of the APUA as defined in the latest Constitution adopted in 2012 is: "to bring together African electricity companies and stakeholders to make more accessible, affordable and reliable electricity for African populations.

Its core values are:

1. Integrity; 2 Transparency; 3. Responsibility; 4 Excellence and 5 Trust

The objectives of Association is to promote the development and integration of the African power sector through active cooperation among its members on the one hand and with all stakeholders in the electricity sector at the International level and the donors, on the other hand.

APUA is the only African institution for the promotion of power utilities. It is one of the specialized institutions of the African Union Commission (AUC), a permanent member of the Executive Council of the African Energy Commission AFREC, a permanent member of the Executive Committee and the Management Committee of the African Electro technical Standardization Commission (AFSEC), institution conceived and launched by APUA in January 2008, tasked by the African Ministers in charge of Energy.

APUA has a privileged partnership with the African Development Bank, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), the New Partnership for Africa Development (NEPAD), etc.

APUA have Fifty-six active members in Forty-six African countries, twenty affiliates members and some associate and observer members in Africa and Europe

To be an organization effective in its actions and decisions taken, the APUA must pursue its objectives, but use the appropriate means to achieve and which meet the values, expectations of corporate members (active or affiliated), and populations which are the first concerned.


The association aims to promote sustainable development, fair trade, renewable energy and environmental protection. The purpose is to act through concrete actions.


Since its commissioning in 2000, the Azito gas fired power plant has been providing reliable and low-cost base load generation while using Cote d’Ivoire’s natural gas resources.  The 430 MW power plant is located close to Abidjan and supplies more than one-quarter of the country’s baseload generation to the grid. Globeleq is the majority shareholder in Azito Energie and is responsible for the day to day operations of the Azito power plant.

Azura Power is a developer, financier, acquirer and operator of Independent Power Plants (IPPs) across Africa. Our ambition is to build the continent's leading power generation platform.

We have a strong presence in West Africa where we are the founder and majority owner of Nigeria's first privately project financed IPP, a 450MW IPP now under construction near Benin City in Edo State.  We also own one of the country's largest solar projects, a 100MW IPP in Katsina state that is expected to reach financial close before the end of 2017.  To expand and diversify our portfolio, we are building a pipeline of development and acquisition opportunities in other African countries. 

Azura Power is owned by Amaya Capital and Actis, and benefits from its investors' strong relationships, local knowledge, in-depth sector expertise, a long term financial commitment to the business, and the insight and know-how on what it takes to build a successful and sustainable business in Africa.

Azuri Technologies is a commercial provider of PayGo solar home systems to rural off-­‐ grid households. With the widest reach of any solar as a service offering in sub Saharan Africa, the company is addressing the problem of energy access that affects 600 million people who lack access to the grid. Azuri has combined solar and mobile technology to allow customers to access power on a pay-­‐as-­‐you-­‐go basis, providing affordable, clean and safe renewable energy for as little as half the cost of the fossil fuels being replaced. Azuri’s HQ is located in Cambridge, United Kingdom, with staff based in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Ethiopia and Tanzania and a regional HQ based in Nairobi.


Azuri Technologies is a commercial provider of PayGo solar home systems to rural off-­‐ grid households. With the widest reach of any solar as a service offering in sub Saharan Africa, the company is addressing the problem of energy access that affects 600 million people who lack access to the grid. Azuri has combined solar and mobile technology to allow customers to access power on a pay-­‐as-­‐you-­‐go basis, providing affordable, clean and safe renewable energy for as little as half the cost of the fossil fuels being replaced. Azuri’s HQ is located in Cambridge, United Kingdom, with staff based in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Ethiopia and Tanzania and a regional HQ based in Nairobi.


Babson is a global institutional asset manager with over $222 billion in assets under management as of December 31, 2015. The firm manages for a broad range of global institutional investors and is the lead investment advisor to its parent, the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. (“MassMutual”). The firm's goal is to build long-term relationships, based on transparency and trust that provide value to its clients. Through proprietary research and analysis and a focus on investment fundamentals, the firm develops products and investment strategies that leverage its broad array of expertise. With capabilities in both specialized and traditional fixed income, our particular strengths are Global High Yield, Global Private Finance, Private Equity, Emerging Markets (including Global Energy Infrastructure Private Equity), and Investment Grade strategies. As a member of the MassMutual Financial Group, Babson is affiliated with a number of entities that share MassMutual as a parent company. 
Founded in 1949, Baker & McKenzie advises many of the world’s most dynamic and successful business organizations through more than 4,000 locally qualified lawyers and 6,000 professional staff in 77 offices in 47 countries. The Firm is known for its global perspective, deep understanding of the local language and culture of business, uncompromising commitment to excellence, and world-class fluency in its client service. 
Baker & McKenzie defined the global law firm and as our clients expand into new markets, we are there with them, sharing our unrivalled experience and helping them succeed in new regions. We call our global way of working, "fluency," because we partner with our clients seamlessly over time and across regions and business lines.
At Baker & McKenzie, our track record in power projects — extensively advising on the development, operation, and financing of a range of projects — includes many "milestone projects" throughout the world. We act primarily for project developers, but also for lenders, governments, international agencies, contractors and operators. 
Being one of the largest international law firms, our clients will take advantage of our local market knowledge and relationships, first mover advantage for new opportunities and introductions to key local regulators and industry players. Our comprehensive industry knowledge, global reach and world-class abilities enable us to bring the right people, with the right skills, wherever you operate.